Another Blog, Again..


Here I am, again, starting a new blog. Will I keep it up? Only time will tell. I have owned this domain for almost 5 years now...I've had a few ideas for it but I guess this is as good a place as any to start using it.

I don’t plan to take myself too seriously here. I hope to write about all things in the regency, empire, napoleonic wars, and federal eras. Whether it’s about regency dress, daily life in regency England, federal era dress and also federal daily life.

I kept a fairly regular costume blog years ago when Blogger was popular amongst the costume crowd. Perhaps you read it? I'm a bit embarrassed to share it but we all started somewhere right?


Life is so different now from then. I have a little one that keeps me very busy and I have a household to manage while my husband works away most days. Let's be romantic and say he's a ship captain on a merchant ship sailing back and forth from the East Indies, or something Jane Austenisque like that.


A few months ago I attempted an everyday all things in my life blog but I fizzled quickly. All I could share was pics of my little one...because well in general that is my life. I decided I didn't want to focus heavily on the day to day kid in the spotlight. I think she needs a bit more privacy than that. Plus, I was in the middle of writing a review on my favorite butt paste and stopped that really what I want to write about and share pictures of?

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I few years ago I started The Houston Area Regency Society with the hopes of finding others with the same interest in pretty dresses and my love for the time period of 1795-1820. When I started costuming 10 years ago I wasn't interested AT ALL in this period of fashion. My first love was mid-late 18th century with all the panniers and tall hair I could get:


Starting a new group (with possible new to costuming friends) I decided to pick a time period with easy silhouettes :: Regency/Federal/Empire ... This wasn't too hard to decide only because I have always been a HARD CORE Jane Austen fan but I found the clothing lacking in pizazz or "flare" (so I thought). After playing in the fashions now for a few years my mind has been COMPLETELY changed. This era can be so fun...mainly because of beautiful crazy hats that I love the most...but there are so many articles of clothing too that can change a look. Dresses with spencer jackets, pelisses, chemisettes, caps, hats, etc (check out's post on building a dream wardrobe...this will be a whole separate post later):

The past few years I have been limited on the number of events I can put together or attend due to a complicated pregnancy and taking care of a now 2 year old, but after a recent trip to New Orleans I have been reinvigorated to get back too it. Monsieur C. (hubs) and I dressed all day, every day, for a long weekend and we were excited to start planning new outfits for future events.

You will sometimes hear me say how much I dislike sewing. Most days it's true but I'm sure most of that comes from my serious malady of costumer's procrastination syndrome. I have it bad. Every year I say it's going to be different and I'm going to start early. I'm saying it now... let's see how that goes.

I would like to focus this blog on really researching and planning our family's wardrobe. Specifically, I have been so interested in daily life of the time period (household management) and reading about clothing construction techniques. I will say it now: I will never be a "sew every seam by hand" lady. I just don't have the time when I have so much I would like to do. I do finish all visible seams by hand though and I truly love seeing hand stitched top stitching. I won't promise everything you see here will be historically accurate... at heart I am a designer and I think I would have been ingenious enough back in 1805 to come up with my own construction techniques haha.

I told Monsieur C. on our recent trip how I would love to dress a full weekend a month and be very immersive even at home. He knew he was marrying crazy so he didn't bat an eye. Love him so much..... feel free to follow my crazy too mmkkkaayyy

“My idea of good company, Mr Elliot, is the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company." "You are mistaken," said he gently, "that is not good company; that is the best.— Jane Austen, Persuasion