Magical New Orleans


Last December Monsieur C. and I decided we wanted to do something to celebrate our upcoming 5th anniversary in 2018.

I had the wild idea of a weekend of Regency/Empire New Orleans style….

We had enjoyed our trip in 2015 to Battle of New Orleans in period dress we thought it would be fun to do again. The Battle of New Orleans event is typically in January and when we went it was SO COLD we couldn't bear the thought of facing those temps again. We decided to pick a November as a time that would be getting cooler in New Orleans but not unbearably hot or cold. Beside a few hours of downpour on Sunday it proved to be a beautiful weekend. Us in 2015 (haha thank goodness I lost some top heavy weight haha)....... 

Dressing up in period clothing is always more fun with friends so we decided to open our invitation to a few fellow costumers we have met over the years that travel for events. I made a point to let everyone know it would be a very casual weekend of promenading and museum looking with some good eats and drinks in the evening. I didn't want the headache of having to plan formal events, book reservations, etc that normally comes with big formal costume events. I wanted to be able to play it by ear.

We ended up only having one other couple join us. Lord Admiral Nelson and his Strumpet Lady Hamilton, as they referred to themselves as all weekend. Nelson and Hamilton are local to our Houston group but I have only actually had the pleasure of meeting them a few times. So here we were in a new city making close friends.


We are SO GLAD they joined us.

We had so much in common it was great conversation and we are looking forward to doing things together in the future…I will make a separate post about my Naval inspired outfit later.


Much French 75 bonding was had!

Walking around in historic clothing in any city will get you stares and the occasional selfie request. I was shocked (because there are so many colorful characters in NOLA everyday) that we were stopped constantly. It's very flattering of course but it probably took us twice as long to go anywhere lol. When your husband is reminiscent of Napoleon in a city where parts of the Napoleonic Code is still law you get a few picture requests. Our Lord Admiral was also a big show stopper of course! The ladies got the occasional request haha but all eyes were on the gents this weekend!


A special thank you to this handsome fella. He works so hard for our family so we can do fun things like this. He spoils my silly girlish whims...thank goodness he's an art and history buff like myself. I love him more than words can say. Thank you for all you do! Happy 5th Anniversary!


We had a bit too much fun Friday night and didn't even venture out until almost 2pm on Saturday so we missed a few museums we wanted to see but the two houses we walked were AMAZING. I especially enjoyed the Hermann-Grima House because you got to actually walk through the rooms!!! So rare! Enjoy the slew of photos taken by myself, Monsieur C. and our friends The Admiral and Lady Hamilton:


Thanks Monsieur for the "I'm so hot I'm melting" picture below