Craft Room Clean Up

Marie Kondo strikes again!!! In 2017 I read both of Marie Kondo’s books, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up and Spark Joy, and I really did Kondo almost our entire kondo (<pun intended). The hardest hit was my sewing and crafting stash.

Prior to the Hurricane Harvey disaster I rented a photography/sewing/art studio in the Midtown Houston. Post Harvey it was badly damaged and I had to move everything into our 1200sq ft townhouse. I was squeezing my stuff between our bedroom and the baby’s bedroom. I had zero room to sew or craft anything. It was miserable. We were overflowing with “STUFF.” This is where I found Kondo. I decluttered EVERYTHING. I had a local high school costume student come and pick up all my donations (it was a full carload).

Fast forward about 1.5 years later (May 2018) and we have moved to a much larger home and I have my own space again. Which also means, in true craft hoarder fashion, I filled it back up. After this last Christmas I was already drowning. There wasn’t too much to discard but I’m so happy to be back in a more organized state. It’s a little embarrassing to share this time lapse video of the major clean but I totally peep everyone’s clean up videos on youtube myself so oh well…I know you want to see.

To make the room a bit more cozy from an organizational standpoint (if that’s a thing) I’ve been collecting wicker baskets for shelf storage. I find these at thrift stores for $6 or less. It helps keep like thing together while also being pretty and pleasing to the eye.

I rearranged much of the room and I finally got my grandmother’s antique treadle sewing machine moved in to use as “desk” for my modern machine until I can get the treadle fixed. Please comment if you have come across articles on how to repair treadle machines!

Fabric was being stored high on shelves in the room’s closet but it was always a pain to try to get anything down. The room is located next to our downstairs master bedroom closet which we use mainly for costumes. There were plenty of shelves and drawers in there I decided to commandeer. It’s SO much easier to reach everything and see what fabric I actually have. I’m hoping this helps me get to Z’s fabric stash more often to make her things also.

Check back later for a follow up post on a complete craft room MAKEOVER!

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