Jane Austen Festival Louisville Kentucky 2019

This will be a somewhat abbreviated post. I didn’t take as many pictures as I originally planned. My husband made it a point to remind me to actually enjoy the festival and not just take pictures. It’s hard to break habits as a “retired” photographer ;) I do prefer to be in the moment during our Regency events so photos are becoming an after thought sometimes. I’m learning to balance. So here is the picture balance and a short write up.

The drive was long of course (14+hrs with the toddler) but worth the lovely sights (and BBQ pit stops). I’m not sure how much our 2 year old enjoyed it. Not as much as her Mama I’m sure but she did enjoy running around the beautiful grounds of Locust Grove and playing in the interactive (and air conditioned) museum area. She cried “I want to go home” most of the trip lol. She’s such a homebody lately. We want to start traveling more so let’s hope she will get used to the long road trips and events and learn to love them as we do.

She did LOVE the splash pad we took her to on Thursday when we got into town. Which is not surprising because she loves the water and splash parks.

We didn’t do Friday night shopping in 2017 but we had a mission this year. Find a straw bonnet for my mother in law, get fitted in Redthreaded stays, and pick up my Shocking Bad Hats commission.

First priority was my mother in laws straw bonnet. She wanted something to shade her face so we tried a few from Lydia Fast LG Studio and I fell in love with once in particular but had to put in down because I had already commissioned one. My mother in law found this adorable Bonnet from Shocking Bad Hats when I went to pick up mine. It’s so darling!

If you ever have plans to purchase a bonnet at Jane Austen Festival Louisville Kentucky you MUST arrive as soon as it opens Friday. They sell FAST. Your best bet is to commission something amazing if you already know what you want and how you want it to fit.

Here is my mother in law in her sweet bonnet:

My new Shocking Bad Hats “Mrs. Jennings” commission on the left and one of our relocated Houston Area Regency Society Members on the right: (I also didn’t make anything new to wear this year and kept my promise to husband not to bring the sewing machine! See more on my current wardrobe HERE, HERE, and HERE.)

Ok sappy picture time! I just love this man so much and I love how our sweet child loves him. She is getting so big. All I thought all weekend was that she still looks like a toddler but also more and more like a little girl. At regency events I still find wrangling a two year old difficult so I am super grateful for my husband and mother in law for being so attentive with her. She was very happy to be in her Cinderella dress and was OBSESSED with all the rocks at Locust Grove.

We were so happy to have Megan of Spitfireandstarlight and her family join us this year and share our Air BnB. They are also members of the Houston Area Regency Society. They had a rough ride getting to the festival and getting home so I’m super thankful that they braved the journey!

We also met these new Houston Area Regency Society members at the festival! We had no idea they would be there and are super excited to have them at our future Houston events. Their little one was SO SWEET to Z and took extra care to make sure she was entertained and comfortable when they were together. They were also joined by their mother who I didn’t get a pic of unfortunately:

This is another Texas acquaintance that shared our Air BnB from Dallas.

Travis was able to take the "Scent-Sational: Making Your Own Regency Fragrances and Perfumes" by LBCC Historical. He has always been interested in the history and makings of fragrances and has read a few books on the subject so I made sure to encourage him to take the class and he very much enjoyed it. LBCC is always my favorite booth because the set up is so cute and products look so authentic and historical it’s so fun to just look around…and buy stuff of course.

A lovely regency lady shopping at LBCC historical:

Here are some general snaps from the weekend:

Loved this outfit so much:

Me with the owner of Sense and Sensibility Patterns. I’m wearing that good old trusty first Regency Dress ever made from her patterns:

I will leave you with my favorite outfit of the festival. I just loved this plaid dress with the parasol. So well coordinated.

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