Podcast Coming for the Regency Costuming Community

While enjoying the magical Burn’s Night Dinner, a friend sitting next to me was so sweet to compliment this new website and asked the question if I had ever thought about doing a podcast. NOPE.

I mean not really. I do love podcasts and at one time I thought about giving audible book narrating a shot. I had even gotten a nice mic to dabble a little. You know, because I don’t have enough hobbies. I really didn’t think a podcast would be anything I could carry on because I really didn’t know what I would talk about.

Current sewing project that will have a podcast review coming soon!

Current sewing project that will have a podcast review coming soon!

That one question really had me thinking over the last week. I’m enjoying blogging again, sharing projects (and I’m more motivated to work on new stuff), and I have lots of ideas for the entire website. I started thinking long and hard about if the idea of podcast interested me what would I talk about that I’m not already talking about here on the website?

I sat down and wrote out a few things I miss from reading other AMAZING favorite blogs and following others costuming adventures online. I often just like seeing the finished garments and while seeing some construction pictures helps, I am a very big audible, visual, and hands on learner, not as much with reading. When someone shows me a dress they made from a pattern I wonder what some tips or tricks they have about it and sometimes you can get so much more insight when they are just talking to you about it.

For me, when I write a blog post I often have A LOT to say but my brain types faster than I type and I’m pretty sure my husband wonders how I ever completed college level English in high school (he’s my post editor sometimes). I do wish I could just talk about what is going on in a picture and tell a story. Not just when working on a project but when I share pictures from events.

I also LOVE hearing about how others have fallen into this hobby. How they worked through a particular pattern or drafted/created an original. I’d love to hear some backstory on their thoughts to history of the time, novels, crafts, etc.

Houston Area Regency Society Jane Austen Picnic

This podcast will definitely be heavily influenced by the Houston Area Regency Society. I hope that there is lots of info for new members or anyone that wants to get started in this hobby. I think hearing from others, from all corners of the world, breaking out of their comfort zone to join in groups like ours is very inspiring and I want to hear from you if that is you! (email me here)

And so here we are. I guess I just decided it would be a fun way to tie a podcast into the website. Take a listen to the intro to understand a little bit about what I plan to do with both the podcast and this website. (sorry for the harsh P’s…I have a pop filter on the way to help!) Be sure to subscribe to both!